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HY-PCT Series High Precision Current Sensor

Voltage 15V、220V
Current 60A-6000A
+86 1380 1800 699

Product manual download: HY-PCT


Core Technology

■ Excitation flux closed-loop control technology

■ Self-excited demagnetization technology

■ Multi-point zero-flux technology

■ Multi-level range automatic switching technology

■ Temperature control compensation technology

Performance Characteristics

■ Primary and secondary side isolation measurement

■ Excellent linearity and accuracy

■ Strong anti-electromagnetic interference ability

■ Wide frequency band and low response time


Full scale:various types ,various models

High precision:precision:5PPM10PPM, 50PPM can beselected

AC and DC universal:can measure AC, DC, pulse current

Zero drift:drift:2PPM

Small temperature drift, good consistency:temperature influence: 1PPM/10 degrees

Intelligent:start with load overload protection, self-recovery